The Microsoft Azure image boots to the FreePBX out-of-box experience.


Connect to the GUI at your VM's IPv4 address. The initial form prompts you to set up your administrative login, so do this right away upon launch.

After a series of setup prompts, including language selection and the enabling of the firewall (recommended), you will be presented with the FreePBX dashboard, a simple monitor and control panel for your PBX. Basic connectivity and call routing is set up in Trunks (to your VoIP providers), Extensions (to your phones), and Inbound/Outbound Routes.


SSH to your VM's IPv4 address using the username and SSH key you specified during instance setup. FreePBX command-line tasks can be accomplished using the fwconsole command; you can connect to the Asterisk CLI with asterisk -r once you have become root.

Enabling the commercial repo

To enable commercial module access and install the free System Administration module, from the GUI:

- Admin -> Module Admin

- Select Commercial and then Check Online

- Select the System Admin module and choose Download and Install

From SSH, as root:

- fwconsole ma enablerepo commercial

- fwconsole ma listonline # to see a list of module options

- fwconsole ma downloadinstall sysadmin

- fwconsole r