Occasionally a roll-up module update will fail due to dependencies being installed out of order.

(October 2021) Currently if you try to update Endpoint Manager as part of a large module update roll-up, it will fail with a "Whoops!" error.

The easiest way to perform modules updates and receive clear status output is to use the fwconsole command available by SSH.

AWS: log in to SSH using the SSH key you chose at install time, e.g. ssh -i mykey ec2-user@ (your instance's public IP address)

  • Become the root user: sudo su -
  • Upgrade all modules: fwconsole ma upgradeall
  • Install a module that fails to install: fwconsole ma downloadinstall endpoint (for example, if you saw that "endpoint" didn't correctly install)
  • Perform a reload after all upgrades and installations are complete: fwconsole r